The intelligence behind your source to pay operations

Our AI ensures you procure the right goods/services from the right supplier at the right price with best-in-class operation excellence!


We understand the chaos of Tail End Spend as well as the complexity of Strategic Spend.

  • Understand Unstructured Data
  • Category Specific Templates
  • Scenario-Based Sourcing
  • Dynamic Negotiation Intelligence
  • Techno-Commercial Evaluation
  • Dynamic Price Handling


Use this the way you want with our flexible transaction & approval builders.

  • Configurable Transactions
  • Easy Catalogs & Rate Contracts
  • Easy Approvals
  • Vendor Portal
  • Vendor Onboarding


We mean it when we say "touchless"!

  • Cognitive OCR
  • AI-powered 3 Way Match
  • Vendor Support Bots & Recon
  • GST Recon
  • Real-Time Dispute Resolutions


Explore new ways of analyzing your process with our powerful insights

  • AI-Powered Insights
  • Drag & Drop Analytics
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Measure both Efficiency & Effectiveness


We understand the way you do your procurement from every transaction & every interaction!

  • Category Intelligence
  • Sourcing Intelligence
  • Negotiation Intelligence
  • Invoice Intelligence
  • Support Intelligence

Delivering Value Transparently Across your Procurement

  • Efficiency

    60% improvement in efficiency of purchase team enabling team to focus on strategic functions.

  • SLAs

    70% improvement in purchase SLAs, ensuring ZERO production downtime and more productive engineering teams

  • Direct Cost Savings

    10% reduction in purchase spend across 2-year horizon - Optimising spend via higher visibility, best in class network and transparent pricing

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